XLPE Insulated Power & Control Cable - STEP CABLES

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XLPE insulated Power & CONTROL CABLE

This is a thermoset type of polymer enriched with a cross-linking agent. This is extruded over the conductor using modern extruders and is thoroughly cross-linked under controlled conditions. This XLPE insulation overcomes the drawbacks of PVC, hitherto extensively used as an insulating material, without losing any of PVC's desirable properties.



Conductors are made from Electrolytic grade high pure aluminium conforming to IS 8130/1984 and are compact circular or compact sector-shaped. Copper conductor cables can also be offered against specific requests.



XLPE cables are specially manufactured with high dielectric grade cross-linked polyethylene for insulation and are applied by the extrusion process.



The cores are identified by different colours as mentioned below:

One-core                             : Red/ Natural

Two-core                             : Red and Black

Three-core                          : Red, Yellow, and Blue

Four-core                            : Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black

Three and half core          : Red, Yellow, Blue, and reduced neutral core in Black.



In multi-core cables, cores are laid up as per the above colour scheme.



Laid up cores are bedded over with thermoplastic material for protection against mechanical damage.



Armouring is provided over the inner sheath to guard against mechanical damage. Armouring is generally of galvanized steel wires or strips. In single-core cables, used in the AC system, armouring is by non-magnetic hard drawn aluminium wires. Round steel wires are used where the diameter over the inner sheath does not exceed 13 mm, above 13 mm. flat steel strip armour is used. Round wire of different sizes can also be provided against specific requests.



Specially formulated heat resistant black PVC compound ST2 type as per IS 583 I: 1984 and is extruded to form the jacket. Step also offers specially formulated Flame Retardant



In addition to all tests required as per IS 7098 (Part I) 1988, STEP cables are subjected to several in-house tests at every stage of production. Incoming raw material is also tested thoroughly to ensure consistency of quality. The cables are marked with ISI mark.



As per IS 7098 (Part I) 1988, the codes are as below:

Aluminium Conductor                                  : A

XLPE Insulation                                               : 2X

Steel Round Wire Armour                            : W

Steel Strip Armour                                          : F

Steel Double Round Wire Armour             : WW

Steel Double Strip Armour                           : FF

PVC Jacket                                                        : Y