Our Vision & Mission - STEP INDUSTRIES


Step Industries envisions acquiring an identity as the best cables and wires manufacturers in India along with a strong global presence. Step Industries has always strived to offer finest quality products to the Marketplace on time.

In order to achieve this, Step Industries has set up manufacturing plants in two areas in India, where it's products have been engineered to endure harshest of environments like the crushing, high pressure of the sea or sweltering heat or cold of arid lands. Aside from advanced technology at these two units, their ideas contribute to positively power lives daily.

Our vision at Step Industries would be to inspire people to innovate constantly and provide increased value to each of our customers, which sets out on an ambitious undertaking of achieving a sale of crores in the coming decade.

We have revamped our new design and we've got a brand new promise that truly brings to life Step Industries branding in consumer's minds - 'Miles Ahead'. This is not just a statement but is a manifestation of how we connect to our customers for now and forever.

Research & Development

At Step Industries company, innovation is a constant process and our research in cooperation with a group of highly skilled professionals we're breaking down barriers which have controlled inventions to be a struggle.

Thanks to a close knit staff with exceptional skills and expertise that commission research and deploy the best technologies, we are able to develop unrivalled and innovative products that are safer and more dependable for our customers.


We will show commitment by focussing on company objectives and the requirements of our clients. We honour and recognize people for each of their attempts and participation. We take complete possession of consequences and at the same time we trust and enable our people to deliver benefits. A young and energetic work environment, full of innovation and ideas which lead or contribute to strong relationships with mutual respect.

It's the unconditional support of all our customers and sales partners who have made this journey so fruitful and fulfilling. Thanks to all of them, we have left no stone unturned to make this journey a cherished and exciting one, during these four decades.

As we gear up for the future, sectors driving requirement for wires and cables are slated to grow fast, we have established our well-recognized marketplace presence with a strong product portfolio.

We have also streamlined our efficient manufacturing capabilities to withstand the winds of change. But, we're aware that we will have to be even more proactive, agile and client centric.

Our flexibility and openness to new market trends and changing technology are our driving force. The core values of teamwork, trust amongst people and customer focus have given us a unique status in the Indian business. We would attempt to get the entire ecosystem set for the same and get going.

I'm confident that this can keep us ahead and winning in our effort to be the preferred brand in this market. We pledge to enhance each day to serve you better.