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Submersible Wire

We at Step Cables are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of submersible wire. Wires and Cables have multiple applications and that does include their usage under water. To offer proper electrical connection underwater, submersible wires are considered the best. These cables are known to have excellent insulation properties when using them in underwater applications. To support a variety of underwater applications, we are manufacturing excellent-performing submersible wires. We have set up a benchmark by producing highly reliable submersible wire at our well-equipped manufacturing unit. As they are required to use underwater, they require proper insulation. We at Step Cables are known to use optimum quality insulation material to supply safe submersible wires. They come in different sizes and are of different diameters according to their multiple uses. They are fabricated with exceptional electrical properties making them suitable to use underwater. Our professionals take proper care of safety so that no short circuit or failure can occur when using these wires in underwater applications. All our submersible wires have resistance to abrasion, oil, chemicals, grease, and moisture. All our submersible wires are fireproof and are known for low power loss. They have good strength and excellent finishing due to the quality of sheathing used in manufacturing them. Other than the standard submersible wire, we also supply customizable submersible wire to meet the client’s specific requirements. Some of the industries where submersible wires are used are water treatment plants, the food processing industry, the mining industry, the chemical processing industry, chlorination systems, mining plants, water pumps, and many others.


Why choose Step Cables Submersible Wire?:

Step Cables is one of the emerging manufacturers and suppliers of submersible wires in India. All the submersible wires produced by us come with an ISI mark that shows the surety of the quality we produce. Right from the procurement of the materials to the manufacturing, we follow international quality guidelines at every step. We have set up an extensive quality testing centre other than our manufacturing plant for proper quality maintenance. We offer a warranty on all the submersible wires supplied by us. We are known for the timely delivery of submersible wire despite large or small quantities. Being a wire and cable manufacturing company, we aim to produce all types of wires that are utilized in several spaces, including submersible wire. We are a bulk submersible wire manufacturer, helping multiple industries by supplying desired quality wire at budget-friendly prices.