PVC Insulated Power and Control Cables - Step Cables

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PVC insulated Power & CONTROL CABLE

classification of pvr compound

Power and Control Cable Cores Identification
  • a
  • c
  • st1
  • st2
  • insulation
  • insulation
  • sheath
  • sheath
  • 70”Ęc
  • 85”Ęc
  • 70”Ęc
  • 90”Ęc
Power and Control Cable Cores Identification

core identification

for power cables and control cables upto 5 cores, the cores are identified by different colours as per is 1554 :

single core

:      red, black yellow or blue

2 core

:      red and black

3 core

:      red, yellow and blue

3½ core

:      red, yellow, blue, and reduced neutral core in black

4 core

:      red, yellow, blue and black

5 core

:      red, yellow, blue, black and grey

where the number of cores exceed 5, two adjacent cores are blue for reference and yellow for direction in each layer. The remaining corse in each layer are grey.

on specific request we can also provide core numbering for control cables.


as per IS 1554/ Part -1/1988, the product is coded by alphabets:

  • Aluminium conductor A
  • (No abberviations are used for copper.)
  • PVC insulationY
  • Steel round wire armour W
  • Steet strip armourF
  • Steel double round wire armourWW
  • streel double strip armour FF
  • PVC outer sheath
  • Al wire armourAW
  • This product code is stenciled on the surface of the drum flange.
  • Note: Conductor construction classified as:

re:   single strand

rm:   multi-stranded circular

sm:   sector shaped

note: The entire range of power and control cables can be supplied with flame retardant low smoke (FRLS) sheathing.